Whenever private businesses enter into a partnership with government entities, an in-depth knowledge of Administrative Law, complex regulations, government agencies’ internal procedures, and specific local, state, and federal legislation is a fundamental requirement.
Our full-range, expert assistance has turned our firm into a market benchmark, with our work being recognized in a number of publications and the most important law yearbooks.
Keeping a close eye on the political and economic scenarios, our team of lawyers and specialists is ready to assist and advise our corporate clients in any business transaction by providing consulting, preventive actions, and litigation both in courts and administrative proceedings.


  • Drafting of impugnation, administrative remedies, and appeals in general, issuance of legal opinions relative to public tenders;
  • Analysis of invitation to bid conditions and draft contracts with public entities;
  • Legal measures to revise contractual conditions and values, indemnity claims for damage, collection of unpaid amounts;
  • Implementation monitoring of authorizations, permits, and grants;
  • Defense in condemnation and public easement lawsuits;
  • Acting before procuring entities and local, state, and federal entities, including regulatory agencies and Courts of Auditors;
  • Anticorruption consulting to support and strengthen corporate compliance policies.