One of the areas in which MARCELO TOSTES LAW FIRM stands out the most is in the management of large consumer portfolios and related strategic demands. By investing heavily in technology and working together with our clients’ legal and financial departments, we have become a benchmark in preparing reports that give management a strategic overview of processes and accurately identifies bottlenecks, helping to work out action plans to reduce costs and support effective decision-making.
We believe preventing litigation is the best solution. In this sense, we offer our clients training in issues related to their business activities with an aim to improve their internal procedures, prevent new claims, and train their managers and representatives.


  • Managerial reports to provide a strategic overview of business flows;
  • Legal guidance for conflict resolution between companies and consumers;
  • Lawsuits and administrative proceedings to protect our clients’ interests, including follow-up of infraction notices issued by PROCON (the consumer defense agency);
  • Computerized management and analysis of contracts involving consumer law;
  • Standardization of procedures relative to the consumer-supplier relationship with an aim to comply with applicable legislation;
  • Training courses for managers and representatives, including in-company courses and seminars for employee qualification;
  • Preemptive advice to reduce the number of cases initiated by consumers;
  • Advice and opinions on specific consumer relationship topics.