M&A are a powerful driver in the economic scenario. As complex expansion or contraction transactions involving major market players and massive amounts of money, M&A require expert legal advice, especially when one considers the existing strong regulation over the private sector in Brazil through competition defense agencies.
Keeping a close watch on corporate mergers and acquisitions in various economic sectors and monitoring public access to the corresponding information, MARCELO TOSTES LAW FIRM provides both Brazilian and foreign companies with advice on how to successfully carry out business in the country, from transaction modeling and structuring to the establishment of protections and contractual guarantees.
EWhether our client is a buyer or a seller, our goal is to help conduct any M&A operation in a legally safe, efficient way and add value to the business.


  • Advice on mergers & acquisitions, incorporation, spin-off, winding up, corporate restructuring, comprehensive structuring of equity interest purchase and divestiture, transfer of assets;
  • Legal risk assessment, including contract negotiation, drafting, and review;
  • Survey and checking of data and information about the target company;
  • Registration of transactions in competition defense agencies and the Brazilian Central Bank;
  • Drafting of confidentiality agreements and controlling of access to strategic business information.