Consumers’ access to goods and services has led more and more people to head to new tourist destinations in Brazil and abroad in search of leisure and entertainment. The number of players in the industry has grown, as have problems and legal actions in connection with poor or substandard services and the relationship between providers and clients.
To meet the specificities of the leisure, entertainment, and tourism industry, MARCELO TOSTES LAW FIRM offers expert consulting and juridical-institutional arrangements to deal with issues such as financial return mechanisms, artistic freedom, and gain of scale in the wake of new technologies.
Our clients include tourism operators such as air and road carriers, hotels and inns, and travel agencies, as well as cultural and audiovisual producers, distributors, exhibitors, programmers, television channels, online platforms, publishers, and record companies.


  • Copyright and trademark registration, including releases and permission of use;
  • Protection of personality rights (image, name, voice);
  • Drafting, review, and negotiation of agreements on biographies and content license agreements (music, audiovisual, and other works);
  • Licensing of information and digital content in general;
  • Advice on games, lotteries, and contests, including registration and age-related issues;
  • Assistance in cultural and artistic projects based on the federal Cultural Incentive Act (Rouanet Act) and state and municipal tax incentive laws.