The Intellectual Property law team is made up of lawyers, engineers, consultants, and technicians with specialization in brands, patents, industrial drawing, scientific, literary, and artistic works, computer software, and more.
Our services include:
  • Antipiracy measures and parallel legal importation;
  • Litigation;
  • Extrajudicial;
  • Feasibility studies on registration in Brazil and abroad;
  • Registration in Brazil and abroad;
  • Filing and follow-up of registration processes;
  • Administrative litigation (opposition, appeals, annulments, and forfeiture requests);
  • Set-up and negotiation of operations based on patent rights, industrial drawings, computer software, and others;
  • Counterfeit vigilance and investigation;
  • Strategic management of brand portfolio, patents, and copyrights of local and foreign companies;
  • Valuation and due diligence.