Since December 2022, Marcelo Tostes Advogados represents in Brazil and operates in Portugal through a partnership with RSA – Raposo Subtil e Associados, headquartered in Lisbon. Founded in 1997, RSA is based on a complete and integrated service to its clients, both nationally and internationally, combining a deep knowledge of the business with the requirement of technical knowledge. Integrating subject matter experts from Portugal and Brazil into the same team helps us quickly understand clients’ needs and function as a single point of contact to offer complete solutions in both countries.

The Portugal Desk MTA assists clients in opening companies in Portugal and other European countries to carry out investments, corporate planning and estate planning, as well as providing global legal advice and in accordance with international standards of excellence in the various areas of law, such as: Litigation Banking, Public Litigation and Arbitration, Corporate, Commercial and M&A, General Litigation, Labor and Social Security, Real Estate Asset Management, Banking and Insurance Law, Company Revitalization and Recovery, Intellectual Property and Data Protection, Judicial Recovery of Debts and Insolvency , Criminal & Compliance, International Operations, Family and Probate.

Our focus is on helping companies enter new markets, operate across borders, and transform their organizations to meet future needs. With extensive knowledge of different industries and a global network of professionals, we help any company that intends to invest and expand its operations nationally and internationally. Through the Portuguese Language Advocacy Services Network (RSA LP), an innovative network of associated law firms/law firms, we operate in six Portuguese-speaking countries (Portugal, Angola, Brazil, Cape Verde, and Mozambique Guinea-Bissau) in addition to Europe.

The Portugal Desk MTA seeks to help Portuguese and European companies to facilitate and optimize their business and investments in Brazil, in addition to advising Brazilian companies that want to invest in Portugal, Europe and throughout Lusophone Africa.


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Fernando Drumond
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