Dispute Resolution - Litigation Scale

Acting in the areas of Civil Law strategically with a focus on Dispute Resolution – Litigation Scale in defense of the client’s interests to meet all legal requirements and bring the best solution to the case.
Marcelo Tostes Advogados has extensive experience in advisory services, providing services that include assessment of risks related to lawsuits. We seek to act before the conflict, from the formation of the relationship between the parties, providing advice with the aim of avoiding litigation and better positioning the client in the most diverse scenarios.
In recent years, through a large investment in technology, the Firm has transformed its litigation practice, adapting it to market needs, through the implementation of data management and technical quality. In terms of diversification, the main partners responsible for managing the Firm have added big names in the market to the technical staff of their team in recent years, in addition to creating areas of expertise, making a real key change in their legal practice, uniting mass litigation next to the strategic and complex.