How does an organization make a real impact – something that disrupts the status quo or changes the life of an individual or a community?

For us, such an impact is possible through people and partnerships.
We are committed to promoting the communities in which we live.
Marcelo Tostes Advogados works and dedicates efforts, talents and resources to causes and significant initiatives that reflect our values and vision.
For us, it’s simple: we have the responsibility to make a difference and help our communities to be successful.
Our Firm celebrates diversity, inclusion and social iniciatives within the realities in which we live in and work.
This session highlights our associations, partnerships and recent achievements in these efforts – which are achieved through the dedication of our professionals and partner organizations.
As we continue our ongoing mission to make a difference through these initiatives, we invite you to follow our commitments here and learn more about the impact we want to generate together.
Marcelo Tostes Advogados – Americam Bar Associações
Marcelo Tostes Advogados - OAB Distrito Federal
Marcelo Tostes Advogados – Instituto Brasileiro de Estudos de Concorrência Consumo e Comércio Internacional
Marcelo Tostes Advogados - Society of Corporate Compliance and Ethics
Marcelo Tostes Advogados - Internacional Society of Female Professionals