As businesses become more complex, companies must transform to meet new challenges. Our Canada Desk MTA can provide high quality services, sharing knowledge and information to meet the specific needs of our clients, organizations, and individuals regarding aspects of tax strategy, deals, M&A, planning and compliance, and we offer a wide range of of business consulting services.

We have bilingual professionals with extensive technical experience, understanding the unique circumstances and needs of Canadian companies or joint ventures operating in Brazil, as well as Brazilian companies investing in Canada.

Brazil has natural resources that represent attractive investment opportunities in the areas of oil and gas, mining and agribusiness, a broad consumer market with prospects for expansion and a diversified industry, which makes the country a lucrative commercial market with enormous potential. for Canadian and North American companies and a sure destination for investments.

The Canada Desk MTA provides advice both to Canadian and US companies with commercial interests in Brazil and to Brazilian companies that want to invest in Canada and the region. We support our clients in solving increasingly complex issues, such as financial reporting, business expansion, investments, taxes, deals, human resources management, supply chain, sustainability, and risk management, offering a group of professionals dedicated to creating a solid bridge between the two markets.


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