Legal Audits

Faced with different scenarios of financial crises and advances in technology, the concept and practice of legal efficiency has been revolutionizing the routine of departments and offices.
Marcelo Tostes Advogados understands that there is a movement towards integration of this area with different companies’ teams, which are increasingly adopting practices and actions capable of making their operational routines and management more productive, viable and effective, gaining strength within the companies from different sectors, sizes, and niches. All of this combined with the need for a legal department that finances itself through its own activity, which becomes viable from practices that result in savings and return on values for companies.
Our Legal Department responsible for the Legal Audit area serves the entire business ecosystem to obtain more accurate and transparent data for better process analysis, automation of repetitive tasks and more collaborative involvement between all parts of a business. We carry out audits of process bases, by collecting information and legal data in accordance with the established purpose, with the main objective of meeting and adapting to the client’s needs.


Pillars and goals:
  • Accounting reconciliation
  • Forecast of future costs
  • Collection of information to reduce costs
  • Recovery of amounts and cash in for the company
  • Updated and assertive control of the process base
  • Portfolio management system updated and faithful to the reality of the processes


Some of our activities:
  • Jurimetry
  • Analysis of judicial blocks
  • Process mapping – capture by CNPJ
  • Provision sanitation according to customer guidelines
  • Basic sanitation for system migration or upgrade
  • Analysis, management, recovery, and replacement of judicial and appeal deposits