When it comes to the tax system, Brazil ranks low in international comparisons, with the highest tax burden in Latin America and one of the highest in the world. Notwithstanding the private sector’s efforts, the high taxation makes the local business environment hostile, as it drains business resources, often inefficiently. As a result, companies have a growing need for effective tax planning.
MARCELO TOSTES LAW FIRM employs a team of specialists to advise on tax routines in various sectors of the economy, covering any kind of direct or indirect taxes and duties, whether local, state, or federal. Additionally, this team supports other client operations under our legal counseling with an aim to identify any tax impact arising from contracts, corporate restructuring, and the launching of new ventures.
Moreover, we use our outstanding experience in international taxation to help our clients solve highly complex tax issues. Parallel to the consulting services, we represent companies in judicial and administrative tax proceedings, as well as follow up audits conducted by tax authorities.


  • Tax planning and clarification of clients’ questions;
  • Tax liability management;
  • Preemptive challenge of tax requirements that are deemed illegal or unconstitutional;
  • Tax collection action and payment alternatives;
  • Recovery of unduly paid taxes and contributions;
  • Taxpayer defense against tax assessment notices;
  • Tax planning, including determination of paid taxes and studies on how to reduce the tax burden.