The great potential of Brazilian mineral deposits places the country in a prominent position in the global scenario, both in reserves and output. Despite the importance of this basic commodity in the country’s export business, the industry has faced challenges due to the very nature of mining activity, which requires huge investments and strict compliance with socio-environmental sustainability criteria. Moreover, when it comes to the regulatory environment, mining companies have to deal with unclear rules as a result of a legislative process under the influence of political factors.
MARCELO TOSTES LAW FIRM provides support to Brazilian and international mining players on all legal aspects of projects developed in the country, from company establishment to mine closure upon depletion, having built up vast experience in evaluating obligations, liabilities, and risks faced by the mining industry.
We follow up applications with DNPM (National Department of Mineral Research) and the Ministry of Mines and Energy for obtaining and renewing mineral research permits and mining grants. We also draft mineral rights assignment agreements. Our mission is to combine high-precision technology businesses with the pursuit of sustainable development and compliance with legislation.


  • Incorporation and regularization of national and foreign mining companies;
  • Application for government research and mining grants;
  • Drafting of easement, assignment, lease, and mining rights transfer agreements;
  • Mediation and negotiations with affected communities and landowners in areas to be explored or researched;
  • Legal advice on mineral exploration royalties;
  • Client representation in lawsuits and administrative proceedings before the DNPM (National Department of Mineral Research);
  • Due diligence and title opinions on mining assets;
  • Administrative and judicial defense in collections;
  • Advice on environmental licensing for mining projects.