We are a young, ground-breaking law firm that deals with its internal processes in the same corporate language as that of its clients. A window open to the world, attuned to the technological revolution that demands versatility, but also requires a great deal of thoughtfulness and management skills. We know that responding efficiently and swiftly to our clients’ specific requirements, while keeping an eye on market trends and respecting the clients’ values, is not only a differential, but rather the essence of modern-day law firms.


Strategic consulting based on legal intelligence and proprietary technologies to come up with integrated, innovative solutions and customize our services to meet our clients’ specific needs through strategic analysis of contingencies and variables in different legal scenarios. An award-winning differential of MARCELO TOSTES LAW FIRM.


Our various branch offices are interconnected through financial management and legal proceedings software programs, as well as through internal virtual file networks, which are just some examples of the technologies developed by Marcelo Tostes Law Firm. IT investments and instant exchange of information between clients, our branch offices, and partner law firms across Brazil and abroad rank high among our priorities.
Our professionals keep both the physical and digital library up-to-date and are able to control, digitize, manage, and ensure the security of documentation received from our clients, as well as our own documents. We have set a new paradigm in the development of contingency methods and legal corporate indicators that enable us to change petitions and lawsuits into managerial reports, which are an important addition to the client’s strategic plans and goals, ultimately facilitating result management and the achievement of targets.


Our people management policy values ethical, long-lasting relationships with our professionals, teamwork, and continual technical qualification. We offer a career plan to our lawyers and a specific program for trainees, both with the intention to develop and retain talents. In addition, we encourage our people to take foreign language classes, MBA courses, and specializations focused on professional growth.


We are proud of employing the best team of lawyers, consultants, and employees and providing them with opportunities for continuous professional refreshment and qualification so as to ensure first-rate legal counseling. We strive to identify and secure synergies and change-oriented skills when recruiting new professionals. Such qualities are also valued among our existing teams, along with strategic alignment and sharing the same business values and vision.


Present throughout Brazil through its own offices and a qualified network of correspondents, Marcelo Tostes Law Firm also maintains a strategic relationship with international law firms with the highest level of quality, innovation, and excellence. A legacy built over 20 years of history.


Multidisciplinary expertise covering the various branches of law and expert segmentation in more than 20 areas of corporate law to serve both Brazilian and foreign clients.